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Juror Summons Response Form


  1. 1. Juror Questionnaire
  2. 2. COVID-19 Supplemental Information
  3. 3. Information Regarding Jury Service
  • Juror Questionnaire

    1. Juror Questionnaire
      The following Juror Questionnaire is mandated by Government Code, Section 62.0132. Please answer all the questions below.
    2. Gender*
    3. Required by State Law
    4. Are you a U.S. Citizen?*
    5. Highest Level of Education Completed*
    6. Current Marital Status*
    7. Do you have a spouse?*
    8. Have you ever served on a Civil Jury?*
    9. Have you ever served on a Criminal Jury?*
    10. By checking this box, you certify that all answers are true and correct*
    11. Please type your name in the box above
    12. Please upload your Driver's License, Identification card, or other proof of identification. This request is mandatory.