Juvenile Information

What You Can Expect When You Come To Court

Under Texas State law, you are classified as a juvenile if you are under the age of 17. You must appear in Court with a parent or a legal guardian. You may also bring a lawyer, but the presence of your parent/guardian is still required.

You May Contest the Ticket & Plead Not Guilty to the Charge Filed Against You

If you plead not guilty, you must decide whether or not you want a trial by jury, or you can waive that right and proceed to a trial by Judge. Your trial will not be held the same day. Your case(s) will then be reset for a new trial date at which time you may present your case to the Court. At your trial, a Judge or a jury will determine your guilt or innocence.

You May Agree with the Ticket & Enter a Plea of Guilty or No Contest

If you plead guilty or nolo contendere (no contest), the Judge will find you guilty and assess a fine from $0 to $500. The exact amount of the fine will depend on the nature of the offense and other circumstances reviewed by the Judge.

If your offense is eligible, you may request a Driving Safety Course (DSC) to dismiss your citation.

Ineligible for DSC

You are not eligible to take DSC if:

  • You hold a Commercial Drivers License (CDL)
  • You have taken a Court-ordered DSC for another ticket within one year from the date of this citation
  • You are charged with:
    • 95 miles per hour or more
    • Speeding 25 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit
    • Passing a school bus
    • Committing a serious traffic violation
    • Failing to stop and provide information or render aid after an accident
    • Committing an offense in a construction zone when workers are present
  • You do not have a valid Texas Drivers License
    Note: Military Exemption: Active military, their spouses and dependents

Guilty or Nolo Contendere (No Contest) Pleas

Request Deferred Disposition

If you request deferred disposition and it is granted by the Judge, you must be prepared to pay court costs and fees. Court costs can vary depending on the charge(s). The Judge will set the terms and conditions of the deferral order which you must follow for a period up to 6 months. Your case will be reset, and, if you successfully complete the terms and conditions of your deferral order as set forth by the Judge, your case will be dismissed. When the case is dismissed, there will be no record of a conviction. Deferrals allow you to receive a "second chance."

Request Community Service Hours in Lieu of Paying a Fine

The number of hours you work is determined by the amount of the fine and the violation itself. Community service can be performed to discharge the fine and it must be performed for a Governmental entity or a non-profit organization that provides services to the general public that enhance social welfare and the general well-being of the community or it will not count.

You should be prepared to pay the fine at the time you are found guilty or be prepared to set up a payment arrangement.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • If you do not appear in court as scheduled, a hold can be placed on your Driver’s License, or your ability to obtain a Driver’s License; and you can be held in contempt of court.
  • You are expected to act and dress properly and follow the rules of the Court.