City of Victoria Form Center

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City Attorney

  1. City of Victoria Claim Form

    The Charter of the City of Victoria provides that written notice of claims for personal injuries or property damage must be submitted... More…


  1. Citizens Academy Application
  2. Citizens Academy Participant Survey
  1. Citizens Academy First Session Survey
  2. PIO Work Order Request

    Please review the checklist below to let us know what you would like assistance with. We kindly ask that you give us a 2-week lead... More…

Customer Service Request

  1. Anonymous Customer Service Request

    To submit a request without creating a new account, you may use our anonymous request form. If you choose to submit anonymously, you... More…

  1. Customer Service Request

    Make a new service request. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Development Services

  1. Master Plan: Thoroughfare Public Input Form

    A form for public commenting and input on the Thoroughfare Master Plans.

Environmental Services

  1. Beautification Around Town

    Tell us about a project your neighborhood would like to complete, report a litter issue or nominate a business for the beatification... More…

  2. Master Plan: Drainage Public Input Form

    A form for public commenting and input on the Drainage Master Plans.

  3. Volunteer Sign-Up

    Keep Victoria Beautiful Volunteer Sign-Up

  1. Beautification Awards Nomination Form
  2. Online Service Requests

Fire Department

  1. Request A Smoke Alarm
  2. Request for EMS Standby
  1. Request for Education/ Program by VFD
  2. Victoria Fire Department Civilian Responder Program 2021

    The Victoria Fire Department Civilian Responder Program is a great opportunity for the civilians of Victoria to learn how to react in... More…

Main Street

  1. Façade Grant Application

    The City of Victoria finds that the protection, enhancement, and preservation of landmarks of historical importance and significance... More…

  2. Master Plan: Downtown Public Input Form

    A form for public commenting and input on the Downtown Master Plans.

  1. Market on Main Application Form

    This application is for those interested in participating in the monthly Artisan Market held at 101 N Main, Deleon Plaza. All items... More…

Municipal Court

  1. Community Outreach Inquiry

    You can request staff from the City of Victoria Municipal Court to present informative presentations to your group, or to provide... More…

  2. Contact us
  3. Document Submittal

    Please use this form to submit documentation to the City of Victoria Municipal Court.

  4. Jury Service COVID-19 Pre-Screening Questionnaire
  5. Jury Summons Questionnaire
  6. Request a Court Date

    You may use this form to enter a Not Guilty plea and request a trial.

  1. Community Service Questionnaire

    This form is for Community Service agencies including non-profit organizations or other approved organizations to submit contact... More…

  2. Deferred Disposition Application

    You can use this form to submit your request for a Deferred Disposition to the court.

  3. E-Court Accessibility to Remote Proceedings

    This form will be used to inform the court of your ability to attend an E-Court session.

  4. Jury Summons Exemption or Disqualification Form

    You can submit your Jury Summons disqualification, exemption, postponement, or excusal request through this form.

  5. Motion for Continuance
  6. Request a Hearing

    You can use this form to enter a Nolo Contendere or Guilty plea and request a court hearing before the Judge regarding community... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Bootfest 2020 Food Vendor Application
  2. Master Plan: Parks Public Input Form

    A form for public commenting and input on the Parks Master Plans.

  1. Bootfest 2020 Merchandise Vendor Application
  2. Pop-Up Park Reservation Request Form

    This Reservation Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Parks and Recreation Department at least 2 weeks prior to your... More…

Public Library

  1. Ask a Question

    This service is designed to answer questions about using the library and short, factual reference questions. If your question is... More…

  1. Suggest a Purchase

    The Victoria Public Library (VPL) welcomes purchase suggestions from library users; if you have looked in the library catalog for a... More…