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  1. Group photo with KVB sign in front of a business with rocky flowerbed in the foreground
  2. A row of people at an outdoor shooting range fire guns
  3. Logo for the Bicentennial Ball presented by Prosperity Bank on April 13. Logo includes six flags.
  4. Lighted parade float featuring costumed Super Mario characters and surrounded by fake snow
  5. Santa Claus and a young woman prepare to throw a ceremonial light switch on a Christmas tree
  6. Large group of people seated at round tables watch a presentation by City Manager Jesús Garza.
  7. Tara Tinney
  8. The mayor&#39s chair sits empty at the City Council dais.
  9. City of Victoria bicentennial logo against a fireworks background
  10. Large group of people in safety vests cutting a ribbon in front of a mural featuring a kingfisher
  11. The Guadalupe River flows past the boat ramp
  12. City of Victoria Municipal Court
  13. Danielle Williams
  14. A woman and a child browse holiday decorations
  15. Close up of someone using a power tool to install shingles on a roof

    City accepting applications for CDBG programs for low/moderate-income residents

    Help available for 1st-time homebuyers, home repairs, demolition
  16. A woman accepts an award plaque from another woman in front of a TCCA backdrop
  17. Jeff Bauknight
  18. Heavy machinery is used to roll out wide, black plastic liner on a flat dirt surface.
  19. Group photo of eight people. Three of them hold trophies.
  20. Expansive pile of brush and tree limbs, some with green leaves on them
  21. Large group photo of kids and adults, many wearing orange safety vests for huntin.
  22. A group of children and adults walk through neighborhood holding trash bags and wearing safety vests
  23. Two women pose for a photo outside
  24. Three uniformed police officers pose for a photo
  25. Technician in a cherry picker basket turns on a post top streetlight.
  26. Deputy Chief Mark Jameson walks down Bridge Street lined by rows of applauding officers
  27. Jaguars lie in an enclosure near a large tractor tire
  28. Four children holding handmade posters in front of a fire truck
  29. Group photo with giant check in front of young trees
  30. Large group photo in Council chambers. Nine people hold plaques; a few wear Police or Fire uniforms
  31. Help TxDOT prioritize potential improvements. Visit to learn more.
  32. Improve your community. Earn up to $50. Sign up at or call 1-844-755-8511.
  33. A water meter with a blue lid on top. The side is cut open to show pipes and wiring.
  34. Logo featuring six flags and De Leon brand. Bicentennial Ball, April 13th, 2024
  35. City of Victoria presents 2024 bicentennial celebration. Victoria turns 200.
  36. Mayor Jeff Bauknight stands near a podium with a State of the City backdrop
  37. Director of Parks and Recreation. The City of Victoria Texas
  38. Mural design for two walls featuring flowers, mariachis, dancers, cattle, heron, armadillo
  39. Banner with Sparky dog mascot. Cooking Safety Starts with You. Pay attention to fire prevention.
  40. Chief Fox walks away from a podium in front of a crowd of cheering people
  41. The old federal building covered in scaffolding
  42. Group photo in front of a young tree. Five in fire department dress clothes, two in casual clothes
  43. A crane and other construction equipment operate at the Loop 463 overpass on Houston Highway
  44. Three young men pose with trash grabbers near a pile of trash bags
  45. Two students sit in chairs in front of a Texas State backdrop. Another student works a sound board.
  46. Woman stands in front of a classroom and gives a presentation
  47. City of Victoria presents 2024 bicentennial celebration. Victoria turns 200.
  48. A woman holds a small trophy, flanked by two other people
  49. Firefighters load a stretcher into an ambulance
  50. A woman with a megaphone addresses a crowd of people in safety vests
  51. Two glass trophies, with a Yule Love Shopping shirt and Tacos and Margs tumbler and taco stress toy.
  52. Crosswalk painted with musical notes
  53. An apartment complex with multiple three-story buildings
  54. A river bank with low water and weeds growing up through the bank
  55. A street sweeper with the City of Victoria Public Works logo
  56. A large permanent stage at DeLeon Plaza near the O&#39Connor building. People watch and mill around.
  57. Two cherry-picker style trucks lift technicians to a streetlight mounted on a power pole
  58. An outside view of the FishPond Apartments in Victoria
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To receive "CodeRed" emergency alerts through our local Office Of Emergency Management, text the word "ALERTVICTORIA" to the number 99411. 

These notifications are sent by text and phone call to subscribed residents by Victoria's Office of Emergency Management in coordination with City staff. code red